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2005 Sessions (Archive Only)

A burn patient in the Critical Care UnitTwo intensive sessions are planned for Academy members.  Both sessions are being fully funded by the BHE so there is NO CHARGE to Academy members.  

The 16 and 17 June session is an introduction to every aspect of patient simulation.  Each Academy member institution is encouraged to send two to three representatives with priority to individuals who will be responsible for implementation of patient simulation into the nursing curriculum. 

The 20 and 21 June session is an intensive hands-on workshop to Train the Trainers.  Lead Institutions have "first seating" priority since their personnel will be responsible for training and assisting institutions within the Lead's region (see Home page for Regions.)  First seating - Lead Institutions, Second seating - on a space available basis, member institutions who already have patient simulators (Laerdal Vital-Sim or equivalent.)  Lead Institutions should send personnel to BOTH the 16/17 and 20/21 June sessions. 

We hope that BHE will fund Phase II of this project allowing the Academy to provide additional workshops on patient simulation in general and training specifically on higher level simulators. 

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