SIMS Medical Academyā²? Exploring simulation with the expectation of improved patient care. 

Acute care patient in SIMS Medical Center   




Model Tour






Simulation Specialist Handbook 1.01
Lessons from SIMS Medical Centerę®¢sp; A complete handbook on how to operate simulation in the higher education arena. (PDF) Author: Mike Foss

Effective Teaching
A guide on how to teach patient simulation. (PDF) Author: Dr. Patricia Hanrahan

Scenario Building
Ideas on how to get started with patient events and scenarios

Environmental Control  (updated)
Facilities | Patients made realistic | Making Patients Speak | Camera systems | Remote Video System

Interesting Links (NO endorsement made or intended)

Anesoft Corporation
Some free scenarios and software to purchase.

Free to the public | Get ideas for scenarios or to upgrade existing scenarios.

Association of Standardized Patient Educators 
Learn about Standardized patients and use in combination with simulation

Delletec Surgical Simulators
Mechanical simulators | Really enhance students experiences

Limbs & Things
Many interesting task trainers and one full cardiac patient

Virtual Hospital Patient Simulations

Duke University Simulation Websites
Lots of links to simulation sites about the world. 

Society for Simulation in Healthcare
Wonderful site with links | You should join today!
Very graphic images | Good resource for outline of scenarios

RSD (Radiology Support Devices)
Phantoms for Radiography and Nuclear Medicine

Security camera systems

Speco Technologies
High resolution cameras and other video hardware

Macken Electronics -
Luke Macken, designs and installs complete camera systems

McGill University Virtual Stethscope Project

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