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Springfield Area Hotels & Transportation


SIMS Medical Academy?by this listing does not endorse, promote or even suggest the following hotels, but simply provides the links below as a starting point for your personal search. Any prices listed are approximate and may be changed at any time by the provider.

Hotels about 4 blocks away from SIMS Medical Center?/b>

Marriott- Downtown Springfield    
Across the street from Sheraton

Sheraton- Downtown Springfield
Taxi from Sheraton to STCC Approximately $ 7.00

About 1 mile from SIMS Medical Center?/b>

Hilton Garden Inn - Waterfront area (near Basketball Hall of Fame)
General listing of most area hotels

Springfield Hotels (general listing)
Information about Springfield, MA (you may be surprised...)

Springfield, MA
See "visitors" for things to see and do


Bradley International Airport (BDL)
Airport Info | Transportation | Directions
Taxi from airport to Sheraton Approximately $ 45.00 plus tip
Limo from airport to Sheraton Approximately $ 75.00 plus tip

Schedules | Routes | Reservations

The taxi from Amtrak to STCC Approximately $ 8.00

Peter Ban Bus Lines
Fares | Terminals | e-tickets

Directions to SIMS Medical Center @ STCC

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