Exploring simulation with the expectation of improved patient care. 

Acute care patient in SIMS Medical Center



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Environmental Control 

Total Application Scenario (TAS) calls for the highest possible realistic environment. Sometimes that means getting very creative to produce the most effective learning experience.   Below are some of the factors that make for a better patient scenario.  As our project continues, we will add information and expand on what is listed now. 

Trauma patient in SIMS Medical CenterPatients NEW Burn FX
Appropriate hair, make up, clothing, "gender parts" and wounds all enhance the realism of patient simulation. 

Learn more about patient preparation.


"home made" headwall in SIMS Medical CenterFacility
Creating the right environment is not as hard as you may think.  Most of what you need for effective patient simulation may be located just down the hallway. 

Learn more about simulation facilities


Low cost security style camera systemControl System
Camera systems allow you to get feedback from the patient care area and provide a means of recording for debriefing. 

Learn more about camera systems


Wireless microphones adds "real" voice to your patients"Real Voices" for your patients
Even though your patient may have a computer provided voice now, it is very easy to add a more realistic voice with a simple wireless system. 

Learn more about wireless "voice"


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