Exploring simulation with the expectation of improved patient care. 

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The is the revised proposal approved by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.  Funding level is $35,000 to be spent before 30 June 2005.  This page should print easily by going to your browser bar. 

cAbAb Abstract and Project Narrative and Objectives: This proposal will begin the creation of the SIMS Medical Academy?(The Academy) as the central organization providing patient simulation exploration, development, implementation, dissemination, and continued support with the establishment of three regions within the Commonwealth at Mass Bay Community College, Mt. Wachusett Community College and Springfield Technical Community College as the lead institutions. By June 30, 2005 the following will be complete:

  1. Each lead institution not now owning two patient simulators will acquire simulation technology. Mt.Wachusett requires one simulation manikin and Mass Bay requires two simulation manikins. Related technology will be purchased by the institutions.
  2. Training in integration of patient simulation into the nursing curriculum for the two regional lead member institutions?personnel will be conducted.  Participants will be determined by each member institution.
  3. Training in integration of patient simulation into the nursing curriculum for the two regional lead member institutions?personnel.  Participants will be determined by each member institution. Training to at least entry level patient simulation for two faculty and one support person from each regional lead member institution.  These individuals will then be prepared to assist others in integrating patient simulation. 
  4. A multiple day seminar introducing the possible use of and methods of implementing patient simulation into the nursing curriculum will be offered in June 2005. An introduction to the benefits and possible uses of patient simulation to enhance clinical skills of nursing students.
  5. Additionally, an assessment will be conducted by Springfield Technical Community College of the use of technology in nursing programs at public higher education institutions with a report.



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