Exploring simulation with the expectation of improved patient care. 

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Patient Simulation Workshops for 2008

Students tending to a cardiac patient.NLN Simulation Meeting: Getting Started
Duplicate DVDs are now being prepared for participants of the NLN workshop.  Expect copies to ship sometime in late May 2008.  Extra copies may be purchased for $10 each.

New England Nursing Lab Coordinator Peer Group Meeting
FALL 2008 | Hosted by SIMS Medical Center @ STCC

Hotels & Transportation  | Directions to SIMS Medical Center

There are also two proposed offerings for 2009.  

NOTE: SIMS Medical Center has been involved in several large grants in 2009.  Due to the nature of our responsibilities for those grants, SIMS Medical Center did not have continuing education offerings in 2009. 

Spring: The Technical Side of Simulation
This new course will give the participant hands-on experiences with everything technical about patient simulation. Included is selecting equipment, developing specifications, patient selection, auxiliary equipment, computers, cabling, headwalls, where to find resources, environmental set up, trouble shooting, and special effects. Want more?  Just let us know and we will be happy to alter the curriculum for you needs.  Tentative Fall.  Limited seating.

Summer: From Clinical Competency to Complete Scenario
A two day, hands-on, intensive workshop that takes participants from honing clinical competencies to a complete patient scenario.  Many people just need an opportunity to turn their ideas into successful scenarios.  This workshop is for the neophyte and the more experienced educator who is thinking about doing simulation or has some experience.  Tentative June 2009.  Limited seating. 

SIMS Medical Center Faculty
Lisa Fugiel - Nursing  STCC
Clare Lamontagne - Nursing  STCC
Jackie McColgan - Nursing  STCC
Lee Robinson - Respiratory Care STCC
Esther Seligman - Respiratory Care STCC
Donna Woshinsky - Nursing STCC
Mike Foss - Dean of Health and Patient Simulation
Patricia Hanrahan - Director of Clinical Education
Kelly Ceria - Simulation Specialist

Contact Patricia Hanrahan at 


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