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Patient Simulation: Strategies for Success 
August 22 & 23, 2007  

Students tending to a cardiac patient.SIMS Medical Academy is offering a two day hands-on workshop for new, intermediate and more advanced users of patient simulation.  Participants will implement and evaluate scenarios using patients at SIMS Medical Center.  Using Trends and handlers will be covered with participants creating a "program," then "running" the scenario.  Stephen Donahue, Director of the Hartford Hospital Simulation Lab will open the workshop with a discussion about the hospital perspective of patient simulation.  A special interdisciplinary scenario will be shown along with a discussion on how to select, operate and manage a variety of simulation equipment. On the second day Ralph Genella of Green Ambulance Simulator, Inc., will demonstrate his fully equipped ambulance with patient simulators.   

Stephen Donohue - Patient Simulation Hartford Hospital
Lisa Fugiel - Nursing  STCC
Clare Lamontagne - Nursing  STCC
Jackie McColgan - Nursing  STCC
Shaun McGovern - Laerdal
Lee Robinson - Respiratory Care STCC
Esther Seligman - Respiratory Care STCC
Donna Woshinsky - Nursing STCC
Mike Foss - School of Health STCC | SIMS Medical Center
Patricia Hanrahan - School of Health STCC | SIMS Medical Center

Guest Demonstration
Ralph Genella - Green Ambulance Simulator, Inc. 

Included in the $200 registration is a copy of the new SIMS Medical Patient Simulation Technician Handbook (CD), light breakfast and lunch each day.  The workshop is limited to the first 30 registrants.

Tentative Schedule (WordDoc) (PDF)

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